Lughum (Metal Music / Death Metal)

Artist: Lughum
Members: Anonymous
Style: Metal Experimental / Atmospheric / Progressive Death Metal / Ambient / Metal Fussion (Reggae, Jazz, Rock, Blues, Folk, Symphonic, etc)
Producer: Noiseu Produccions / JCR Casjor
Label:  Noiseu Produccions Musik.A
Studio: Ouveos Estudos Musicais
Status: Inactive

Coments: Lughum is a unique band in the world. It is impossible to define or label Lughum's music, merge with skill and madness equally any musical style as well as any feeling that music can convey. Power, magic, darkness and light, chaos and balance are the spirit of Lughum.


Unholy Brutal Reggae (Instrumental) - Single postmortem (2018)


Unholy Brutal Reggae (Instrumental) 
Unholy Brutal Reggae (Instrumental - Raw Version)

Ondas 2015

Cover: Iván Konstantínovich Aivazovsky

Nas Ondas  
Xantar das Sereas  
Viaxe de Bravura 
Forte Marexada 
Meigallo das Ondas
Sétimo Fillo  
O Faro

The path of the dark druid 2013

Cover: Thomas Cole

The Rise of the Dark Druid 
Da lenda das donas
With Sex We Burn
Meigallo en Samhain  
The Victory of the Druid

Galaico's sign 2012

Cover: Albert Bierstadt

Fight for Freedom    
Escoler vs Legromante
Pagans of the World s
Badua Protect Us
As árbores ollarán a batalla
We Are The Rain (Between Cold and Hot)
O Aturuxo    
Terra de Meigas
Navia, Goddess of Magic Water (Ode in a Blues Soul Death Metal)
As Herbas da Xacia
Cruzando o Alén
Mount Medulio
The Victory, The Desolation
Mind Controllers

Nemeth 2011

Cover: William Dyce

Magic, Sex & Power  
Crevando co Vento 
Nas Mestas Fragas  
Bloody Moon 
Pagan Rise  
Unholy Brutal Reggae 
Drums of War (At the Altar of Lugh) 


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